Has always been a favorite of mine! yummmm
Staff is awesome. Food is always great!
App says delivery free if order is over $50. I was still charged delivery. I complained to beyond menu and yet to get a response. Not sure if app or restaurant is to blame...
The food was great. We regularly get these items. Tiger Cry is our favorite and we've never had it as tasty as at Ginger Thai. My only complaint with the service was that we never got an estimate of how long it would take. That would be very helpful to know what to expect. It ended up taking an hour and that was longer than we expected.
Been going to the restaurant for years, normally I pickup takeaway after a phone order but decided to use the app this time. Food was delivered really fresh and hot, as good as eating in restaurant.
I was asked online my choice of salad or soup. I selected salad for both orders. Upon arrival to pick up they didn't know what I wanted and had not prepared it which wasted time. Also the portion size was extremely small! It looked like they made 1 order and split it between 2 small containers. The containers were only half full each. Usually when I eat in they put 6 shrimp on my order, there were only 4 in each to go order. The Cinco Ranch location gives you a good amount on their to go orders.
Any questions please call us.